Helping teens navigate emotional ups and downs with greater ease


Adolescence is a time of growth and self-discovery. But it is also often fraught with confusion, anxiety or depression. Mindfulness and self compassion can help teens cope more effectively.

The Benji Project is bringing to Port Townsend, Washington an eight-week program called "Making Friends with Yourself," developed by University of California at San Diego's Center for Mindfulness.

The program is aimed at ages 11-to 19 and their parents. "Making Friends with Yourself" shares specific tools to build greater resilience. In preliminary research, this program demonstrated a significant decrease in depression, anxiety, perceived stress and negative mood.

The Benji Project is seeking to identify individuals interested in pursuing training and leading this program. If you are interested, please get in touch. Fundraising is ongoing to sponsor leader training, and a workshop is planned for 2017.



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